I am a typeface designer from Japan and based in London. I graduated from Visual Communication Design at Musashino Art University, Japan, and MA Typeface Design at the University of Reading, UK. I working for Monotype from 2012 to 2020. My type design skillset includes Latin as well as other writing systems including Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Tibetan, Mongolian, Tengwar, etc.. I do Python scripting as well. Japanese type design or calligraphy is not my specialty, but I can consult on Japanese typography, font selection, and lettering. I also give lectures at design conferences and university classes.

To get in touch, please write to or find me through the social media links you can find at the bottom.

Awards & Recognitions
2013 Type Directors Club: Metro Nova (Typeface design)
2014 Modern Cyrillic: Marco (Honorary diploma for excellence)
2015 Tokyo TDC vol. 27: Marco (Typeface design)
2015 Granshan Type Design Competition**: Neue Haas Unica (1st prize in Greek type design)
2016 European Design Award: Cowhand (Typeface design)
2016 Print Magazine: Marco (Best in Class winner in the Typeface Design)
2017 The Design Museum Award: Noto Sans (not an award to me personally, but my sketchbook that documented the initial drawings of Noto Tibetan was donated to the museum)
2017 Type.Today's best Cyrillic fonts of the year: Albertus Nova, Wolpe Tempest, Wolpe Fanfare
2017 Typographica’s favourite typefaces of the year: Sachsenwald, Wolpe Pegasus
2021 Modern Cyrillic Shortlist: Codelia, Platia
2022 Type Directors Club: Klaket, Platia

Publicised Custom Typefaces At Monotype
Premier League Typeface
H&M serif typeface Another link (it is no longer in use, but the current geometric sans serif and serif designs are also mine)
Sir Quentin Blake Another link

Notable Talks
2011 ATypI Reykjavik: ‘Mongolian Script’
2014 ATypI Barcelona: ‘What’s the point?: Metrication of type size unit’
2015 ATypI São Paulo: ‘Siddham Script: the fifth Japanese script’
2015 Granshan Conference, Reading: ‘Making Noto Sans Tibetan
2015 TypoMad, Madrid
2016 TypeCon Seattle: ‘Joseph Fry and Rubik's Cube’
2016 ATypI Warsaw: ‘BubbleKern: a new visual way to kern a typeface
2017 ATypI Montreal: ‘Sini: Arabic calligraphic styles from the Far East
2017 BITS Conference, Bangkok
2018 Typographics, New York: ‘Retro game fonts: the time when every pixel counted
2019 ATypI Tokyo Type Insights: ‘Rethinking Spacing’
2019 DiaTipo, Sao Paulo
2019 Sign Design Association, Tokyo: ‘Johnston100 and Transport’

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