Leaving Monotype


I started the website and the blog announcing my start at Monotype, so it only seems appropriate to do the same for my last. I have started as an intern in November 2011 and have served the company for the next nine years until yesterday, which was last day at Monotype. I will not explain the exact details, but let's just say it's 2020.

My experience with Monotype has been nothing short of amazing, and there were so many things I could only get to experience in a type foundry with large capacity and so many talented colleagues. I am especially thankful for the revival typefaces that I could work on (Metro Nova, Neue Plak, Wolpe Collection, etc.), big and fun custom projects like H&M and Sir Quentin Blake, and not to mention the sheer variety of scripts of Noto Sans for which I contributed about five scripts including Mongolian and Tibetan. I honestly cannot thank the company enough for getting me to where I am, and my departure does not change the feeling one bit, regardless of the circumstance. It's only my last day as a Monotype person and I am looking forward to meet and/or work with my Monotype friends in the future.

As for me, I am going freelancing and setting up a limited company. My service is now open to everyone!