animated & pixelated
variable fonts demo

monochrome cat & shaq
monochrome chaplin
monochrome muybridge
coloured cat
coloured goldfish
coloured ladybug

what is this?

This is a demo of animated variable font from raster source. Probably very CPU-intensive.

Each font has one axis and intermediate layers as many as the number of frames. Each layer has outlines as many as the number of pixels of source animation, which guarantees that every pixel will be interpolated. Each pixel-outline changes in size, representing its colour.

The colour fonts have RGB channels in letters A B C, each simulating LCD subpixels (B and C have zero glyph width, overlaying A automatically).

Please view in a browser that supports variable fonts.

Inspired by Axis-Praxis’s galloping horse demo.

Thanks Georg Seifert for technical support.

2017 Toshi Omagari