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10 March, 2012

Monotypeでの仕事の一発目はなんとハーグで開催されるRobothon2012の出張。いきなり出張に行かせてもらえるとはなんと幸運なことか!(会社の人はやや困ってる様子ではあったが、まぁ元々は個人参加する予定だったし日時も固定だったので、旅費を会社負担で行くことになっただけのこと) » Continue reading «

RoboHint: the missing UFO hinter

10 March, 2012

The first serious job at Monotype is a trip to the Hague, to attend at Robothon 2012. I guess it’s unlikely that the new employee goes on a business trip in the first week, but somehow it happened to me (privilage!). Robothon is a really interesting conference as it focuses on typeface design and production process only. There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on in the Robofab and UFO circles which make me think want to get out of old school FontLab workflow as much as I want. Af all the things that were shown on the first day, the most interesting one was RoboHint, the missing UFO hinter being developed by Petr van Blokland. » Continue reading «

Joining Monotype

5 March, 2012

I am Toshi Omagari, a typeface designer from Japan.

Just today, I officially joined Monotype UK as a junior type designer. This is what I have hoped for since I had decided to become a typeface designer, perhaps six years ago. When I was studying typography and typeface design in Japan, this was a dream beyond my reach. The MA typeface design course gave me a chance to grab it, and very fortunately, I could.

This is the first English post of this blog (which means that I’m going to post Japanese ones here as well). I don’t know how often the English posts will be, but I’ll try my best.

* Surprised that I like Times New Roman? I even BOUGHT that font (Times Pro LT) to use small cap, oldstyle figures and Times Ten that comes with it.


5 March, 2012


月曜日からいよいよ念願であった英国Monotype社にて書体デザイナーとしての人生が始まります。本当に不思議なことにMonotypeは日本ではWikipediaのページすら存在しないほど知名度が低いようですが、小林章さんがタイプディレクターを務める独Linotype社と時を近くして誕生し、英国を拠点としてTimes New Roman、Gill Sansなど数々の名作書体を世に送り出してきた由緒ある会社であり、近年はLinotypeやITC、Bitstreamなどとの合併を経て世界最大規模のライブラリを誇る会社となりました。