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Joining Monotype

5 March, 2012

I am Toshi Omagari, a typeface designer from Japan.

Just today, I officially joined Monotype UK as a junior type designer. This is what I have hoped for since I had decided to become a typeface designer, perhaps six years ago. When I was studying typography and typeface design in Japan, this was a dream beyond my reach. The MA typeface design course gave me a chance to grab it, and very fortunately, I could.

This is the first English post of this blog (which means that I’m going to post Japanese ones here as well). I don’t know how often the English posts will be, but I’ll try my best.

* Surprised that I like Times New Roman? I even BOUGHT that font (Times Pro LT) to use small cap, oldstyle figures and Times Ten that comes with it.

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